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Early 17th Century

Nayak Dynasty
Tamil Nadu

Venugopal: 10.5 in (26.7 cm)
Rukmini: 9.5 in (24.1 cm)
Satyabhama: 9.5 in (24.1 cm)

This is a large set of three bronze figures consisting of Krishna as Venugopal, flanked by his two consorts Rukmini and Satyabhama.

Krishna, lovingly called Gopala, is the eighth 'Avatar' or incarnation of Lord Vishnu, also called Venu, the flute player. This form of the deity depicts Krishna in a four-handed form holding the attributes of Vishnu. He stands cross-legged on the coils of Kaliya, the five-hooded serpent whom he had vanquished for poisoning the waters of the river Yamuna. The attributes, the 'shankha' and 'chakra' are held in the upper two hands; whereas, the lower arms are poised to denote Krishna playing the flute.

Satyabhama and Rukmini, the two wives of Venugopal, are seen standing on either side of this deity. His consorts are crowned and bejeweled. The simple form, shape, and body contours are sure characteristics of the sculptural style of the Nayak dynasty. There is no excess of ornamentation and the focus is on the body modeling and composition. It is unusual to find such complete sets as over centuries they tend to get dispersed. This artefact has a joyous subject, a great composition and is visually gripping.

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25-26 APRIL 2012

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