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17th Century

Nayak Dynasty

Tamil Nadu

Height: 48.8 in (124 cm)

The Nayak Dynasty was founded by Vishwanath Nayak. The period saw a lot of wealth and prosperity. It was during this dynasty that beautiful edifices were constructed and intricately sculpted stone figures of deities adorned palaces and homes of the aristocracy as well as public places.

This mesmerizing stone sculpture portrays a warrior. He is shown well built, armed and with a swaying posture. His strong upper body is bare and bejeweled, with armbands, wristbands and anklets adorning his body. His lower vestment reaches his knees. In typical Nayak style his eyes are large and bulging. The expression is very interesting with a smirk. He sports a large moustache. A bold vermillion mark can be seen on his forehead. The crown is long, tapering and simple. His lush hair falls onto his shoulders in thick locks. His left hand rests on the handle of a large and powerful club, the lower end of which rests on the circular base on which he stands. His right hand bears a short mace, held high up in motion. The warrior's belly has a slight natural protrusion. This is the result of the tight waist band that he wears. Into this waistband is tucked a curved dagger that is characteristic of Nayak sculptures. The dagger is three-dimensional and appears as though it has actually been tucked in. The figure is shown standing with his left knee slightly bent, allowing his heavy frame to rest on his right leg. The beauty of this sculpture is that looks stunning from all angles.

At times, Nayak sculptures tend to get exaggerated, with stocky bodies and geometrical features. In this particular sculpture, however, the portrayal is so realistic that it looks as though the figure is live and actually in action. The piece looks stunning from all angles and is beyond doubt one of the finest specimens among Nayak stone sculptures.

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25-26 APRIL 2012

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