Not sure where to sell your art or how to do it? Let us help you.
If you would like to consign artworks, jewellery or collectibles to one of our online auctions, please send us the following information and details:

  1. Images of the piece/s
  2. Details of the piece/s (For artworks - title, year, dimensions, signature etc.; For jewellery – stones, carat weight, etc.)
  3. Provenance (where and when you acquired the piece/s)
  4. Authenticity documentation
  5. Current condition of the piece/s
  6. Location of the piece/s

Please email these details to [email protected]
After our team has received this information, they will decide whether the piece/s can be included in one of Saffronart's upcoming online auctions and their final decision will be communicated to you. Please note that this process may take anywhere between two and four weeks, depending on the piece/s.

Selection Process:

  1. Decisions are made based on feedback from an advisory panel and at Saffronart’s discretion.
  2. All decisions are final, and no further queries will be entertained.
  3. If the piece is chosen for inclusion in a Saffronart online auction we will discuss with you a lower and higher auction price estimate for the piece along with a reserve price based on current market comparables.
  4. Saffronart will send you a physical or electronic copy of the terms and conditions for sale of the piece/s.
  5. Upon agreement of these terms and conditions, Saffronart will send a consignment agreement to sign and return.

We look forward to hearing from you!