Shopping at Saffronart is simple and easy. This page will help you understand how to navigate through the site and make purchases.

For a brief introduction to modern and contemporary Indian art, please see our Overview of Indian Art section. For information on various precious stones and metals, please see our Jewellery Guide.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New Shoppers - Need a hand?

There are two ways you can buy at Saffronart – through our regular online auctions which are generally one or two-day events held every other month or so, or through the fixed price exhibitions we frequently hold. To view the catalogues and results of previous Saffronart auctions, please click here To make any purchase at Saffronart you must first register on our website to obtain a Saffronart Login ID.

Bidding in Auction

Bidding in auction additionally requires you to pre-register for the specific auction you are interested in. Once your pre-registration is complete and approved, you will be given bidding access for that auction. Note that pre-registration generally opens 3 to 4 weeks before a scheduled auction.

All bidding is conducted electronically – either via our website or via our mobile/iPad bidding applications. All bids placed are final and may not be withdrawn by the bidder. At the end of the auction, you are sent an invoice reflecting your winning purchases – for which payment is due within 7 days.

For further details on the bidding process, please see our auction Help and FAQs.

Returns & Refunds

At Saffronart, all purchases are final. We will process refunds on goods that have been damaged as a result of shipping or handling. If any item has been damaged during shipping please contact us at [email protected] and we will process your case as expeditiously as possible. In the unlikely event that you receive a damaged product, please ensure the following:

  1. If the damage is evident at the time of delivery, make note of the damage on the courier’s copy of the airway bill and their delivery sheet, as well as on the copy that you retain.
  2. Please notify Saffronart of the damage within five days of receipt of the goods, along with the details of the damage.
  3. Send Saffronart images of the goods with close-ups of the damaged portion(s)

This will help in processing claims in a timely manner.

Please note that as a service to our clients, we insure all paintings and jewellery against damage during transit. However, we do not insure the frames of paintings.

International Shipments

Normally, Saffronart takes care of customs clearance for shipments to countries other than India. However, if you choose to undertake customs clearance yourself or through a third party appointed by you, please note the following:

  1. All items will be considered delivered not at the shipping address in your order details but at the customs location at the destination country.
  2. Your purchase will be considered delivered once the relevant documents for self clearance are handed over by our logistics carriers to you/your appointed agent.
  3. Saffronart is not responsible for the storage or any damage to the painting(s) after the handover of documents to you/your appointed broker and while pending customs clearance.
  4. Saffronart is not responsible for any delays caused during customs clearance.
  5. Saffronart will not be liable for the condition of your purchase once they reach you after custom clearance.

If you have any other questions please send us an email at: [email protected].

Security at

Maintaining the security of your information is very important to us. All login and transaction-related data submitted to Saffronart is handled with industry-standard SSL encryption, certified by Verisign.

When you enter your credit card number into the art shop order form, it is transmitted across the internet in an encrypted (scrambled) form, and is only decoded when it reaches our authorization partner.

Payment Options

Depending on where you are located (as per your billing address registered with Saffronart), you can either pay for your Saffronart purchases in Indian Rupees or US Dollars. If your billing address is in India, you must make payment in Indian Rupees, and if your billing address is outside of India, you must make payment in US Dollars.

For items located outside of India (marked with the symbol in our “Browse & Buy” and auction catalogues), buyers with billing addresses in India will have to make payment in US Dollars only, in transactions governed by RBI rules and regulations.

Payments in India
Demand Draft / Cheque:
You can select ‘Demand Draft/Cheque’ as a mode of payment when you place an order with us. Your order will be processed once we receive the Cheque/Demand Draft and the amount is credited to us.

To be made in favour of Saffron Art Private Limited
Place: Mumbai

The Demand Draft/Cheque should be mailed to the address below:
Saffron Art Private Limited
Industry Manor, Ground floor,
Mumbai 400025

Direct Wire Transfer
Details will be emailed to you once you place the order choosing to pay by a direct wire transfer.

Payments in US Dollars

Credit Cards
We accept all International credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The authorization is done via an online payment gateway.

USD Checks
Your order will be processed once we receive the check and the amount is credited to us.

To be made in favor of Planet Saffron Inc.
The check should be mailed to the address below:
Planet Saffron Inc.
595 Madison Avenue, Suite 900
New York, NY 10022

Direct Wire Transfer
Details will be emailed to you once you place the order choosing to pay by a direct wire transfer.

Please Note: The product(s) you have ordered will be kept on hold, under your name, for seven working days during the payment processing time. Your order will only be shipped once your payment has cleared.

Terms & Conditions

For each of our online auctions and exhibitions, a set of specific Terms and Conditions are displayed during the pre-registration process or durations of the exhibition. For auctions, these must be accepted by all users who wish to gain bidding access.

Please click here for Saffronart’s Authenticity Guarantee.