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14th Century


Height: 5.5 in (14 cm)

This bronze figure is a standing Vishnu in his usual four-handed form. He is the God of protection and preservation, widely revered in all his incarnations.

He stands confidently with his chest thrust out and his upper hands positioned to hold his attributes. His main right hand holds a padma or 'lotus' and his main left hand rests on his hip. He wears an ornate conical crown, multiple necklaces, thick armbands and wristbands, makara-kundalams or earrings having the shape of a mythical water animal. His yajnopavita can be seen across his robust chest. His waist belt has a kirti mukha. It is interesting to see that the kirti mukha has been given a very amusing expression. The sculpture has a broad chest and spells confidence. The attention paid to detail in a bronze of this size is commendable. If viewed from the rear one can see that the lower body is thrust outwards due to the stance. The devotion that would have gone in to making a piece like this makes it a delight to possess.

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25-26 APRIL 2012

$2,500 - 3,500



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