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Seated Devi    

15th Century


Height: 4 in (10.2 cm)

This elegant bronze seated figure is that of a Devi. She is in the 'padmasana' posture. Her eyes are large and open with perfectly shaped eyebrows, and she has a broad nose and thick lips. Her hair is tied above her head, the ends of which flow down on to her shoulders. She wears large earrings, necklaces, armbands and wristbands. It is interesting to see the realistic manner in which the necklaces overlap each other. Her lower vestment is neatly draped around her legs in fine folds. The Devi holds an attribute in her right hand, close to her shoulder, while her left hand rests on her thigh in the 'abhaya mudra'. The figure is very finely sculpted with details clearly visible. The patina has a rich greenish hue.

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25-26 APRIL 2012

$2,500 - 3,500



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