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15th Century

Tamil Nadu

Height: 14 in (35.6 cm)

Dakshinamurthy is an important and peaceful form of Shiva. In this aspect he is the ultimate teacher who bestows knowledge. He is shown seated under a banyan tree giving sermons to the rishis. His lower right hand in chinmudra holds a prayer bead. His lower left hand clasps a bunch of palm-leaf manuscripts. His upper right hand bears an axe with a serpent on it. His upper left hand holds a flame, the fire of knowledge that destroys ignorance.

This particular sculpture of Dakshinamurthy shows Shiva seated upright. His right foot tramples down the figure of Apasmarapurusa, the demon of forgetfulness. His left foot crosses over and rests on his right knee, the typical posture of Dakshinamurthy. His long curly, thick hair is spread behind his head with the even the crescent moon represented on it. Shiva is crowned and bejeweled. His eyes are open and he has a peaceful countenance. On either lower side of Dakshinamurthy, care has been taken to complete the composition by depicting the sages or seers thus symbolizing Shiva's vast knowledge as the 'Supreme Teacher'. The sculpture has a complete form and a much sought after subject.

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25-26 APRIL 2012

$1,600 - 2,000

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