Lot 55

Period gold bangles with foil-backed rubies and emeralds set on the sides with diamond polkis in kundan work and the edges lined with seed pearls.

Gross weight: 259.45 grams

Formerly in the Collection of a Maharani of Kutch


Bangles have remained a central part of Indian jewellery since the time of the Indus Valley civilisation. While these early forms of bangles were made from copper, bronze, shells and stones, the popular ornament witnessed dramatic developments over the centuries that followed. From bridal choodas to kadas, bangles are cherished in Indian communities for their aesthetic charm as well as cultural and religious significance.

One of the most fascinating and coveted styles that bangles have adopted was the kundan style of Rajasthan and western India, popularised during the Mughal reign. Commissioned primarily by the reigning Maharajas, these antique bangles were crafted with rubies, emeralds, and polki diamonds in a style that remains exclusive to South Asian jewellery. Lot 55, from the collection of the Maharani of Kutch, displays this style of kundan work that comprises the much sought-after polki diamonds.

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  Lot 55 of 109  

27-28 OCTOBER 2021

Rs 24,00,000 - 30,00,000
$32,435 - 40,545



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