EXHIBITION - Souza in the 40's | Exhibition (Dec 14, 2018-Mar 05, 2019) :


Minal Vazirani, Dinesh Vazirani, Conor Macklin

Souza in the 40’s is the fourth Souza exhibition that Saffronart and Grosvenor Gallery have collaborated on. This would not have been possible without the help and assistance of our colleagues at Saffronart, Grosvenor Gallery, and Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for the Arts, including Punya Nagpal, Anu Nanavati, Abha Housego, Julian Jimarez Howard, Maia Jasubhoy, Nilima Menezes, Charles Moore and Kajoli Khanna, as well as Anne Macklin for editing the text.

We would like to thank all the lenders and supporters of works including Vikram Rajadakrishna, Annete Trembley, Rebecca Ibel, Rob and Sonali Dean, Uday Jain, Uma Jain, Nakul Chawla, Pankaj Sahni, Amrita and Parthiv Kilachand, Shelley Souza, Keren Souza-Kohn, Francesca Souza, Anya Souza, Lily Souza, Barbara Zinkant, Ashish Anand, Sneha Bajaaj, and last, but not least, Kiran Nadar of the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, as well as those who would like to remain anonymous.

Special thanks to the Estate of Francis Newton Souza for granting us copyright, and for giving us permission to use important vintage photographs from the artist’s archive, making this catalogue an outstanding historical reference for future scholars of F N Souza.

We are grateful to Dipti and Raj Salgaocar who are passionate Souza collectors and champions of the arts in Goa, and will be hosting the exhibition at Sunaparanta. Our gratitude also to our families, friends, and supporters over the last 15 years who have helped us along the way.

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