EXHIBITION - Paths of progression (Aug 21-Nov 05, 2005) :

"Paths of Progression"

This touring exhibition which is being shown in Delhi, Mumbai, New York and Singapore is a collaboration between SaffronArt and Bodhi Art. It was conceived of with a view to bringing to the world audience a collection of paintings which in many ways provides insights into the contemporary arts movement in India today. It can in no way assume to be definitive but attempts a significant representation.

The striking feature of the works of the twelve participating artists is the manner in which they straddle diverse cultures whilst still voicing the present context of Indian social and political life. The canvases provide an introspective and sometimes uneasy glimpse into modern India, yet are collectively global in their presentation. The choice of title for this Exhibition, "Paths of Progression" is a recognition of and respect for the influential antecedents of this genre of art, the "Progressive" movement, which was initiated in post independence India some 60 years ago. Clearly, the map has changed as these works demonstrate. Figurative and abstract, impatient yet unhurried, ancient spirituality fused with pop cultur. The manifestation and flow of India on the world stage

We are very grateful to all the Artists who have participated in this show for their wonderful contribution. It has been a great pleasure working with them. Also a word of thanks to Peter Nagy for his perceptive and sensitive essay.


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