EXHIBITION - F.N. Souza Exhibition (Sep 17-Dec 16, 2008) :

"You see, if you're good you'll be recognised." – F. N. Souza 1994

Collating this second collaborative exhibition of works by Francis Newton Souza has once again been a huge joy. Following the success of our 2005 show, we have endeavoured to maintain the same high standards to bring together both superior quality paintings and drawings and to present works from every period of Souza's career.

Each work has had a unique history. Some have been gazed upon and cherished through the years to this day, while others have lain undiscovered and hence see their debut here.

Indeed, the interview that you can read in the following pages, and for those fortunate enough to come to the show, see and hear, was close to never seeing the light of day. To our knowledge, we are lucky enough to have the only surviving copy, though incomplete. It is a wonderful piece of footage and a rare opportunity to hear the thoughts and opinions of the great man to whom this exhibition is dedicated.

The exhibition and catalogue would not have been possible without the help of the following people. Firstly, the staff at Saffronart across their offices in New York, London and Mumbai, particularly Anu Nanavati Chaddha, Nishad Avari, and Punya Nagpal. Secondly, the staff at the Grosvenor Gallery, notably Emily Austin.

Special thanks also go to the Estate of F.N. Souza to whom we are indebted for their help and support as well as their role in promoting Souza's work and protecting his legacy.

Our gratitude also goes to Julian Hartnoll for preserving the only copy of the interview, and to Srimati Lal organising it, as well as to Brett Goodwin for his hard work transcribing. Our apologies to the interviewer who we have yet to identity and who we may have misquoted.

Lastly, our thanks go to the collectors who we have been involved with over the years for their shared insight and passion for Souza.

Conor Macklin, Grosvenor Gallery

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