EXHIBITION - Thota Vaikuntam: A Celebration (Oct 18-Nov 12, 2022) :

Thota Vaikuntam’s paintings are a reminder of the daily celebration and vibrancy of life. The lives of the common folk are always festive and they do not need any special reason for celebration. Women dress up each day in their vibrant Sircilla sarees and adorn themselves with bangles and bottus of vermillion on their foreheads. The men wearing dhoti and challa on their shoulders complement the richness of the women with their simplicity. The flute and parrot show the presence of music in our daily lives. Even the parrots in the paintings have feathers that are dotted just like the sarees of the women, indicating that they are also a part of our everyday lives. The inclusion of gods standing among people signifies the simple day-to-day relationship of people with religion— the regular ritual at a temple is another ordinary celebration of the day. The men and women are dressed with the same vibrancy as the gods. All can appreciate the brightness of colour and enjoy the beauty of inclusivity. Thota Vaikuntam’s paintings allow us to participate in this simple respectful commonality. They are a reminder of the joy of daily life, and allow us to appreciate what is already present and available to all.

This exhibition of important paintings of Thota Vaikuntam is a collection of diverse subject matters the artist has painted over time and yet the common element remains unchanged. A reminder that in spite of the diversity of cultures, what is common to us all is daily celebrations; even though for many it is unnoticed, a simple glance at Vaikuntam’s paintings reminds us of the beauty of what is ordinary. This is the importance of art and it is the essence of Thota Vaikuntam’s work.

Tanuj Berry & Saman Malik
August 2022
New Delhi


With his village as his muse, Thota Vaikuntam is what one would call a ‘son of the soil.’ Deeply rooted in the soil of his native Telangana, his art celebrates the spirit of rural India and its people with a genuineness that’s uniquely his own.

Thota’s art is marked by a sense of strength - a power that emanates from the paint or charcoal that he applies to the surface, from his controlled lines, and from the fine strokes that he executes using bold colours. His iconic depictions of rural women, with their large red bindis and vibrant saris, radiate with dignity and honesty even as they carry out the most mundane of daily chores. Each work in this exhibition and book is rich with the artist’s reverence for his native land.

This book, like Thota’s art, is an ode to the spirit of India. It is a true privilege to see it come to life, and to be a part of it.

Minal & Dinesh Vazirani
August 2022