EXHIBITION - Ganapati By Sujata Bajaj (May 08-22, 2019) :

At the foundation of Sujata Bajaj’s paintings is the unison of line and colour. The richness of the text that floats in her artworks does not exist in isolation. The seamless combination of these elements creates a continuous accident of abstraction that is so well-formed even when it is devoid of any form.

Her Indianness resonates effortlessly in her works as much as it does in her persona. She wears her heritage on her sleeve with joy and pride, and it drips from there onto her canvas. The energetic colours of her birthplace, Rajasthan, exclude through her paintings, making a home wherever they are placed across the globe. They are a metaphor for Sujata herself: a global citizen who lived in Paris for thirty years, with a relationship with Norway all her life - but Indian at heart. Her works carry a sense of crispness and a wholesome fluidity that are reminiscent of the ancient, yet are contemporary at the same time.

At the core of Sujata’s oeuvre is an honest simplicity. With all her accolades and success, Sujata has never strayed from her roots and has always been committed to the pure essence of painting.

CEO Saffronart