EXHIBITION - Nandini Valli - The Definitive Reincarnate | Sakshi Gallery (Dec 11, 2020-Jan 12, 2021) :

In The Definitive Reincarnate, Nandini Valli explores the concept of hero worship and incarnated divinity. The photographs are highly stylised, with rich colours and tightly choreographed settings which draw from the kitsch calendar representation of Hindu deities, and are evocative of dramatic fashion magazine portraits of celebrities. Some of the photographs allude to the postmodern pathos of being a celebrity, such as a still in which a pensive hero casts his head downwards as tinselled fanfare carrying welcome boards flank him oppressively on either side. According to the artist, the idea of The Definitive Reincarnate is to flesh out the Hero with a full-spectrum of human emotions, which are caught in highly-charged exposures that have a painterly quality about them.