EXHIBITION - Embodiment of Imagination | Art Alive Gallery (Oct 17-Nov 22, 2020) :

Art Alive Gallery presents “Embodiment of Imagination” a collection of sculptures by Krishen Khanna, Sakti Burman, Laxma Goud and Paresh Maity. Through this exhibition, we attempt to catch a sight of the artists' individual practices and the way in which each one of them dive into a unique exploration of their muse. The artists' creativity takes shape in different mediums and we get a glimpse of their imagination embodied in the three dimensional structures.

Caught between imagination and desire, veteran artist Krishen Khanna's artworks often result in capturing moments from history. In comparison to his contemporaries who focus on abstraction, Khanna often strives to capture his views in the figurative form as he draws inspiration from personal experiences in his artworks. The master artist brings to us bronze sculptures from his Bandwala series. Carefully crafted in bronze, these sculptures accurately capture the zestful energy of the band of musicians.

While Sakti Burman has developed his unique style over the years where he employs the power of his brush to create a fantasy world of his own stemming from mythology, history and poetic fervor on his canvas, he has experimented with various mediums, often merging them as well. Be it his interpretation of icons like Hanuman or his characters like Manush Pakhi, Burman's sculptures can be defined as three dimensional renditions of his paintings. Having the same lyrical quality as his artworks, the master artist explores his creativity through sculptures.

Laxma Goud's artworks are inspired by the rural settings of his childhood where he explores the landscapes as if they were frozen in time. Goud's style is erotic and mystical in nature which is also reflective of the traditional Indian cultural ethos. The rawness of the artist's bronze sculptures gives us a glimpse into his practice which is characterized by simplicity. As the artist moulds his simple characters in bronze, he lays the base for many untold stories.

Versatile artist Paresh Maity has also worked with a variety of mediums that form his larger body of work. Just like his paintings that are characterized by rich colours and textures, his sculptures also follow suit. Maity's sculptures are characterized by a dynamic quality; the sculptures take shape as they bring to life bold characters with powerful gazes. The energetic and powerful features of Maity's sculptures never fails to capture the attention of a spectator.