EXHIBITION - Pandit Solo Show | Threshold Gallery (Oct 02-Nov 11, 2020) :

Rejecting representational art and figuration, Pandit Khairnar presents his abstraction as an end in itself. He seeks to eliminate all subjective traces from his work, including brushstrokes, opting for blurs of rich colour from the Indian landscape. Khairnar reaches out for absolute beauty and the sublime. His works are like flashes of cosmic light or infinity. This is a place in which the viewer connects with the personal and mythic which transcend the limitations of imagery.

Impeccably trained at L. S. Raheja School of Art Mumbai, Khairnar’s artworks are non-naturalistic and non-narrative. By incorporating large areas of colour into his works that envelop the viewer, he has created spaces for introspection as intermediaries to a transcendental aesthetic experience. His paintings have no subject other than the pure colour itself. Khairnar takes us into a mythical and spiritual realm where the viewer’s own introspection creates talismans in their mind.