EXHIBITION - Storyteller: stories told & retold | Chawla Art Gallery (Sep 04-Nov 04, 2020) :

Storyteller: stories told & retold

Vinita Dasgupta's forte lies in selecting familiar images then using her unique technique to create distinctive artworks. Numerous scrolls of canvas painstakingly, meticulously arranged to create the intended artwork.

Vinita Dasgupta, a bright name in the horizon of contemporary artists, has proved herself very often and often that she can carry the vital lampeda of the predecessors. She has been already successful in creating a new style of her own. Surrealism mixed with abstract ideas, she has explored a new and unique dimension by plotting to three dimension painting. This new style has already acclaimed fame and personification to the inland and outland art lovers, scholars and serious art critics.


“My aim is to make the viewer interpret and to become more involved in my imageries. For me, to be successful as an artist, the viewer needs to stand in front of my work and feel something.

To me, my art is about the process of discovery, the synthesis of my personal feelings, colour that inspires me and technique that I use: It's a piece of who I am.” - Vinita Dasgupta