Saffronart has, over the last two years of its existence, come to be regarded as one of the most comprehensive and definitive sources for Indian modern and contemporary art. Combining a series of critically acclaimed exhibitions across the globe with a strong online presence, we have made access to Indian contemporary art both easy and instantaneous. In addition, we have been involved in several activities in India that encourage the development of Indian contemporary art and provide greater exposure to its artists to an international audience.

Following in the wake of three very successful online auctions, Saffronart's fourth online auction allows serious collectors as well as first-time buyers, worldwide, to place their bids over a period of four days, as opposed to a period of a few hours.

Featured in this auction is a collection of over 223 works, of 95 established and emerging artists of Indian contemporary fine art. The auction will take place exclusively on and will provide a chance for you to bid for these unique works. There will also be a preview to the auction, in Mumbai, where select works will be on display. The information in the catalogue as well as that on the website will guide you through the process of bidding. For any further information or assistance you can email us at or call the Auction Help Line at (91 22) 432 2898 / 436 4113.

Auction Dates

Monday, May 13, 2002 9.00 am IST
(11.30 pm Eastern Time, 5/12/2002)
Thursday, May 16, 2002 10.30 pm IST
(1.00 pm Eastern Time, 5/16/2002)

Please note that bidding closes at different times according to lot Groups. These times have been listed in the Bid Closing Schedule.

Lots Available:

223 Lots of 95 established and emerging artists of Indian contemporary fine art are available in this auction. All Lots are published in Saffronart's catalogue. ( Click here to order the Saffronart Auction Catalogue). They may also be viewed on our online catalogue or in our office in Mumbai (with prior appointment).

Mailing address and Inquiries

Industry Manor, 3rd Floor, Prabhadevi,
Mumbai 400 025
Help Desk Tel: (91 22) 432 2898 / 436 4113
Fax: (91 22) 432 1187
Contact: Yamini Telkar, Punya Nagpal, Minal Vazirani, Dinesh Vazirani

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You can order this catalogue online. Sale Price: US $49 (inclusive of shipping and handling charges)

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