The SaffronArt Autumn online auction of modern Indian artworks will take place online from September 6 - 7, 2006. The auction features 135 works by 46 artists of Indian modern art. This auction is fourteenth in the series by SaffronArt which will take place exclusively on The structure of the auction and its time span allows serious collectors as well as first-time buyers, worldwide, to place their bids over a period of two days, as opposed to a period of a few hours in a live auction.

Please check Sale Guide for further information on preview and auction dates.

All lots for sale are featured in this auction catalogue. The number listed next to each image is the lot number and should be used as a reference during bidding or for any information requests. In addition to this catalogue, the lots in this sale may also be viewed through any of the following:

  1. The Auction Previews
    The preview will be held on Wednesday August 30, 2006 at SaffronArt in New York, USA and on Friday September 1, 2006 at SaffronArt in Mumbai, India. Please check the Sale Guide for information on the previews.

  2. The Printed Auction Catalogue
    Order the Catalogue
    You can order this catalogue online at
    India: 2000 INR (inclusive of shipping and handling charges)
    International: US $ 50 (inclusive of shipping and handling charges

  3. SaffronArt in Mumbai and New York
    Mumbai: To view select lots in Mumbai, India please call us at (91 22) 2432 2898 / 2436 4113 or send an email at [email protected] to set up an appointment. You can also walk in during gallery hours between 11:00 am to 6:30 pm Monday to Saturday.
    New York: To view select lots in New York, USA please call us at (212) 627 5006 or send an email at [email protected] to set up an appointment. You can also walk in during gallery hours between 11 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday.

Price Estimates

Each lot has a price range listed. These estimates are provided only as a guide for buyers. You may check the comparable prices of similar works of art through a link, called ‘comparables’ which is listed next to each lot in the online catalogue. Please note that the estimates for individual lots have been 'rounded off' for ease of reference and do not necessarily reflect the exact exchange rate used for bid calculations. Price estimates for each lot are prepared well in advance of the sale and may be subject to revision. Estimates do not include the buyer’s premium or any applicable additional charges such as shipping, insurance, taxes or VAT.

How to Bid
  1. Pre-registration and Verification
    You must be registered and verified for the SaffronArt auction in order to bid. If you are already a registered user, you will still have to pre-register for the auction and accept the conditions for sale, but you may participate using your SaffronArt login id. In order to pre-register fill out the pre-registration form online or call SaffronArt. Once you pre-register and accept the conditions for sale, a SaffronArt representative will call to verify your details and request additional information prior to giving you bidding access. In the event the SaffronArt representative cannot reach you on the phone, an email will sent to you, asking for additional information and providing you with phone numbers to get in touch with SaffronArt. Please note that if we do not receive a response from you to the additional information request, bidding access may not be available. Please also note that the verification process might take time in some cases and bidders are advised to pre-register at least 24 hours prior to the start of the auction so that bidding access is available at the start of the auction.

    Once your pre-registration has been accepted you will be sent an email confirming your bidding authorization along with your login id and password. No registrations will be accepted 12 hours prior to the closing of the first group of lots in the auction. In the event that you do not hear from SaffronArt 48 hours after pre-registering please call the auction helpline at (91 22) 2432 2898.

    Bidding access shall be given at SaffronArt’s discretion and SaffronArt may set limits on bidders and/or require payment guarantees or deposits prior to giving bidding access. You will be informed of the limits if any and will not be allowed to bid further if your bidding limit is exhausted across all lots in the auction. If you are informed of limits, please feel free to request additional information or assistance if you are unclear.

    If you are using an offline/written bid form rather than participating actively online, we will register for you once all pre-registration formalities are complete. SaffronArt will then email your login id and password to you, which you may use to visit the auction online. If you are registering for the first time, you may not have online bidding access, however, SaffronArt will assist you in placing offline bids once all the pre-register formalities are complete.

  2. Entering an Online Bid
    Once you have identified the lot that you would like to bid on, click on "Bid Now" and enter either the bid amount for regular online bidding, or a maximum price for proxy/automatic bidding (for more information, please see the section on proxy/automatic bidding below).

    Regular online bidding is essentially when you actively participate in the bidding process by entering the next available bid (or one of a higher value) each time you are outbid. Your screen will display the next (minimum) valid bid, based on a predetermined increment. You may enter a bid at that value or a value higher than the next valid bid. You may also view the entire bid history prior to making your decision. After you enter your bid it is advisable to view the bid history to verify that your bid has been recorded. Please note that bidders may be contacted during the auction for bid verification in order to protect all bidders and maintain the efficacy of the process.

  3. Entering an Offline/Written bid
    You can also place offline bids, by faxing the written bid form available in the online and printed catalogue) to (91 22) 2432 1187. For telephone assistance on offline bids, you may reach the help desk at (91 22) 2432 2898. Please note that telephone bids must be followed by an email or signed fax confirming the bid amount. SaffronArt shall record offline bids at its discretion and shall not be responsible for any delay or failure to record such bids.

Bid Cancellation

Once recorded, neither regular online bids nor proxy/automatic bids may be canceled by the bidder. However, the bidder may choose to lower the maximum value on a proxy bid during the auction if the bidder's maximum (proxy) value has not yet been reached. SaffronArt reserves the right to cancel a bid at its discretion if it considers it necessary to do so in order to protect the efficacy of the bidding process.

Bid Increments

Any new bid must be greater than the current highest bid by a minimum increment, which applies to each bid value. The next valid bid amount is the current highest bid plus the minimum increment value. This minimum increment will be indicated on the detail page (on the website) for each Lot. The bidder may enter a value at the next valid bid amount or an amount higher than that. Minimum increments are based on predetermined price slabs. The increment for a particular lot will increase each time the current bid crosses a pre-determined price threshold. For example:
Bidder1 who has the current highest bid at $980. If the minimum increment for bids below $1000 is $50, Bidder2 can outbid Bidder1 by entering a (regular online bid) value of $1030 (a $50 increment over the current highest bid at $980). However, now that the current bid is greater than $1000, assume that the minimum bid increment increases from $50 to $100. The next valid bid will now be $1130 ($100 increment over Bidder2's current highest bid of $1030). In order for Bidder1 to outbid Bidder2, Bidder1 will now have to bid $1130.

Personalized Bid Notifications

You may choose how frequently you would like to be notified of a change on your bid status. After you have entered your bid, you can specify the types of automatic email bid notifications that you would like to receive, by clicking on 'My Bid Summary', which is your personalized bid page.
For example, you can specify that you would like notifications: (i) when you are outbid and (ii) 24 hours before the close of bidding. 'My Bid Summary' will display the lots that you have bid for as well as give you the status of your bids at any time during the auction. It will also give you an option of choosing a nickname for yourself that displays in the bid history when you enter your bid.

Offline/written bid forms

You may use the offline/written bid form in the auction catalogue or on the website, to place what is called a Proxy Bid. Proxy (or automatic) bidding lets you indicate a maximum bid amount, and authorizes the SaffronArt's online auction module to place bids automatically on your behalf. The module places your bids at the minimum incremental rate only if you are outbid on a particular lot. The auction module will continue to place bids (at the next valid bid amount) on your behalf until your proxy maximum has been reached or until bidding closes on that particular lot. This is especially useful if you do not wish to participate actively, constantly monitor the bids being placed, or, are keen not to lose out on a particular lot as the auction comes to a close. Based on your personalized bid notification, you will receive an email if and when you have been outbid against your proxy maximum. If you are outbid on your proxy maximum and would like to continue bidding, you may login and enter a higher maximum proxy amount or a regular bid at the next available bid, provided that bidding has not closed Please note that SaffronArt will not accept offline/written bids less than twelve hours prior to the closing of the first group of lots in the auction.

How the Proxy/Automatic bidding works

As an illustration, let's examine a lot where the current bid is at $100, the current minimum increment is at $10 and Bidder1 has just entered a proxy maximum price at $1000.
A bid will automatically be recorded on behalf of Bidder1 at $ 110, making it the current highest bid.
If Bidder2 outbids Bidder1 by entering a value of $ 120, the SaffronArt online module will again place a bid on behalf of bidder1 at the next incremented value of $ 130 (assuming that the increment stays at $10).
The auction module will continue bidding on behalf of Bidder1 (as Bidder1 gets outbid) until Bidder1's maximum bid price of $1000 is reached or the bidding for that lot closes.

In the situation where a proxy bidder has been outbid, but has a proxy maximum value that is below the next valid bid but is higher than the current highest bid, the proxy maximum value will be accepted as the next bid. In order to outbid the proxy bidder in this case, the next (minimum) valid bid will be equal to the proxy maximum that is accepted plus the minimum increment. The proxy maximum value provided by a proxy bidder will never be exceeded. For example:
Consider a lot where the current bid is $500 and the minimum increment is $10 and Bidder1 has just entered a proxy maximum price of $525. A bid will be automatically recorded on behalf of Bidder1 at $510, making it the current highest bid.
If Bidder2 outbids Bidder 1 by entering a regular bid at the next valid bid amount of $520 the SaffronArt online module will again place a bid on behalf of Bidder1 at $525 since that was Bidder1’s maximum proxy value, even though the next valid bid would have been $ 530.
In order for Bidder2 to outbid Bidder1, he will now have to place a regular bid at $ 535 (current highest bid $ 525 plus the minimum increment of $10).

Please note that proxy bids take precedence in the case of the same value being entered by a regular bidder. In the case where a regular bid is placed on a lot at the same value as a maximum proxy bid, the proxy bid will take precedence. Both bids (proxy and regular bid) at the same value will be displayed in the bid history for that lot, however, the proxy bid will appear on top and will be the current highest bidder. For example:
Consider a lot where the current bid is $1500, the minimum increment is $50, and Bidder1 has just entered a proxy maximum price of $ 1600. A bid will be automatically recorded on behalf of Bidder1 at $1550, making it the current highest bid.
If Bidder2 outbids Bidder1 by entering a regular bid at the next valid bid amount of $1600 the SaffronArt online module will record Bidder2’s bid of $1600 but the current highest bid will be that of Bidder1 at $1600 since that was his maximum proxy value and was entered prior to the regular bidder.
In order for Bidder2 to outbid Bidder1, he will have to place an online regular bid at the next valid bid amount of $1650 or a proxy bid of a higher value.

Please note that Bidders can lower there proxy value if the bidder's maximum (proxy) value has not yet been reached. This can be done by logging in and clicking on the ‘Bid Now’ button for the lot. Here if the bidder can lower the proxy bid value.

Reserve Price

All lots in this auction are subject to a reserve price, which is confidential. The reserve price is the minimum price that the lot may be sold for. No lot will be sold below its reserve price and the reserve price will not exceed the low price estimate (see the price estimate section for more information). Reserve prices will not be disclosed

Opening Bid

Bidding on all lots begins at the opening bid value. The opening bid is the value at which the auction house starts the bidding on a particular lot. Offline/written bids received before the start of the auction will be recorded as follows:

  1. If the offline/written bid is less than the opening bid value it will be recorded and displayed below the opening bid value at the time of the start of the auction in the bid history for that particular lot.

  2. If the offline/written bid is greater than the opening bid value and is less than the next valid bid for that lot (based on the minimum increments) it will be recorded and displayed as the current highest bid above the opening bid value at the time of the start of the auction in the bid history for that particular lot. The next valid bid in this case will be greater than the current highest bid by a minimum increment, which applies to that bid value.

  3. Multiple offline/written bids received on a particular lot before the start of the auction will be recorded and displayed in the bid history of the lot according to the values with the highest bid being the current valid bid at the time of the start of the auction. Offline/written bids received at the same value will be prioritized based on the time of receiving the bids and will be shown in the bid history of the lot.

Closing and Winning Bids

The closing bid for a lot is the highest bid at the time at which a particular lot's bidding has ended. No further bids can be made after the close of the bidding for that particular lot. The closing bid is considered a winning bid, only if the bid equals or exceeds the reserve price. If the closing bid on a particular lot is below the reserve price, it will not be considered a winning bid and the lot will be deemed unsold. However, if the closing bid belongs to a proxy bidder and is below the reserve price, but the proxy bidders' maximum bid price exceeds or equals the reserve price, then the lot will be sold to the proxy bidder at the reserve price. The winning bids for all sold lots will be posted on the website after the close of the bidding.

Tracking Bids

The bid history provided on the website page for each lot will indicate the values that have been recorded since the start of the auction to the current highest bid. You may also view 'My Bid Summary' for bidding information on all the lots that you have bid for in this auction. Note: for ease of tracking, bidders are advised to assign bidding nicknames to themselves in ‘My Bid Summary’.

Auction Closing

For your convenience, especially if you are bidding on multiple lots, groups of lots are scheduled to close at different times on September 7, 2006 . The bid-closing schedule is listed online and at the back of the printed catalogue. Pre-determined groups of lots will close according to the bid-closing schedule unless a bid is recorded within a span of 3 minutes prior to the lot's scheduled closing time. In this case, the lot closing time will be extended by 3 minutes from the time of the last bid. If this time extension takes place, bidding on any lot will only end if there is no bid recorded for a span of 3 minutes.

Currency of Bidding and Special Lots

Bids will be placed in US Dollars (USD) or Indian Rupees (INR). However, only buyers in India may pay for their purchases in INR at the close of the auction. All other buyers must complete payment in USD.
Certain lots have been marked with the sign v . These lots are not situated in India and therefore, may only be bid for and purchased in USD. Persons residing in India, wishing to bid in USD must be eligible under the various foreign exchange regulations to make payments overseas. Please contact SaffronArt for further details.

Condition of Lots

All lots will be shipped out in an 'as is' condition. Condition reports for all lots are available upon request by email, fax, or telephone. SaffronArt shall not be responsible for, or shall not be liable for any lot in respect of its condition to the extent that such condition has been recorded in the condition report or provided by the consignor for the condition report. Failure by a bidder to request a condition report shall also prevent SaffronArt from being liable in this respect. All lots are shipped out stretched and framed (condition reports include framing details if applicable), unless it has been specifically mentioned or requested by the buyer if possible. Lots marked with the W sign will be shipped in a roll and not framed as they exceed the shipping dimensions permitted by SaffronArt’s logistics partners.

Buyers Premium

SaffronArt charges the buyer a premium of 10% of the winning bid value. The purchase price for any lot, therefore, is the winning bid plus this 10% premium, which is also subject to any additional taxes and duties as applicable on the purchase.

Completing the purchase

If you win a bid, you will be informed on email immediately upon closing of bidding on that particular lot. You will be sent a subsequent email after the close of the auction, which will contain an invoice (with payment options specified). You may review acceptable modes of payment described in the section below. If you are the winning bidder, you are legally bound to purchase the item from SaffronArt. Please note that purchases will not be shipped out until payment has been received and cleared.


Bidders are required to provide all invoicing details to SaffronArt prior to the sale at the time registering for the auction as no invoices will be changed after the sale and the bidder as registered with SaffronArt will be invoiced. After the sale, the Buyer as invoiced is required to pay the amounts in full (including the additional charges). No shipment or delivery will be made if this amount is not received or until all proper documentation is completed. No payments will be accepted from any other parties other than the Buyer mentioned on the invoices.

Shipping and Insurance

Price estimates do not include any packing, insurance, shipping or handling charges, all of which will be borne by the buyer. Shipping will be charged on courier rates and are determined by the size, weight and destination of the package. Bidders may, on the website, review an estimate of applicable additional charges for the lots during the auction. The additional charges for the current as well as the next highest bid may be reviewed, to help bidders make bid value decisions. Buyers may request reframing, restoration or cleaning of works, or may leave specific packing or shipping instructions. Any additional expense in such cases shall be borne by the buyer.

Duties & Taxes

All duties and taxes applicable on the purchase of the artwork shall be borne by the buyer. An estimate of applicable charges for each lot and buyer destination may be viewed online.
Sales in India
Any sale that takes place within India is subject to a 12.5% VAT on the winning bid value and a 12.36% Service Tax on the buyers’ premium. A CST of 3% instead of the 12.5% VAT will be applicable on the winning bid value only if the delivery location of the lot is outside the state of Maharashtra, and the buyer provides the necessary documentation required by the Sales Tax authorities. The Service Tax on the buyers’ premium will still apply at 12.36%.
International Sales
There may be duties and taxes levied depending on the delivery destination `which typically range between 0-10% of the winning bid and shipping and handling value. Depending on the shipping address these duties and taxes vary according to customs regulations in the destination country. Any shipments to the EU countries or the UK, will be charged an additional VAT as applicable. Shipments to the state of California (USA) will be charged sales tax upto 8.25% and to the state of New York (USA) will be charged sales tax of upto 8.375%.


Buyers will be required to complete payment within a period of 7 business days from the receipt of the invoice via email.

  1. International Payments

    USD checks
    Make checks payable to: Planet Saffron Inc. and send them to:

    Planet Saffron Inc.
    37 West 20th St. Suite 903
    New York, NY 10011

    Wire Transfer:
    Details available upon request.

  2. India Payments
    Demand draft or cheque:
    To be made in favor of -

    SaffronArt Pvt. Ltd.Place: Mumbai
    Please send the draft/cheque to the following address:
    SaffronArt Pvt. Ltd.
    Industry Manor, 3rd Floor
    Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025

Delivery/collection of purchases

Purchases are typically shipped out within 7 business days of the payment being cleared, however, there may be a delay in the shipping if the buyer requests a work to be reframed or unstretched (the costs of which will be borne by the buyer). If there is an expected delay in dispatch, the buyer will be informed of the delay via email, unless the buyer has indicated an alternative preferred mode of communication. The artworks are packed according to carrier standards and are fully insured (without the frames) for international destinations. If the Buyer wants to appoint a logistics agent (on their behalf) for shipment then the documentation supporting the shipment will be generated by SaffronArt. If the documentation is not completed to the specified requirements then the Buyer will be liable for any duties or taxes that might be levied by the authorities on the transaction.

Buyers may choose to collect their purchases from the SaffronArt office in Mumbai. In such cases, buyers are requested to make an appointment to collect purchases within 7 business days of completion of all payments and documentation formalities.

Receipt of Puchases

All purchases from this sale are final. If an artwork has been damaged during shipping, please contact us at: [email protected] and we will process your case as expeditiously as possible. In the unlikely event of your receiving a damaged product, please make note of the damage on the courier's copy of the airway bill, and a copy of the airway bill which you will retain. Also, appropriate remarks should be made on the delivery sheet (if applicable) of the courier personnel making the delivery. Buyers must notify SaffronArt directly within five days of receipt of the artwork if there is damage. This will help in processing claims in a timely manner. Please note that SaffronArt insures the artwork against damage, but not the frames. If you receive a damaged shipment, please call us at (91 22) 2432 2898, to report the damage or send a fax to (91 22) 2432 1187.

Participate in our next auction

If you are interested in consigning works from your collection to our next sale, please contact us at [email protected] or at the auction help desk (91 22) 2432 2898.

If you would like to stay informed of SaffronArt's upcoming events, please register with us online at

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