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13th Century


Height: 8.5 in (21.6 cm)

Bronzes from Kerala are few in number in comparison to Tamil bronzes. They were also made in a much smaller size.

This particular Kerala bronze is of Rama in a standing posture. His hands are poised to show that he holds a bow in his left hand and an arrow is his right hand. He wears a lovely crown, beautiful large cylindrical earrings, and necklaces. A sacred thread runs across his chest. His dhoti is draped wonderfully around his legs. He wears an ornate waistband. The ends of his dhoti fall on either side of his waist. There is a wonderful tilt of his body to the left. The face has a fine expression and is typical of the early period. His staunch devotee, Hanuman stands in reverence near his feet with his hands folded. Going by the facial features, the back of the crown, the pedestal and texture one can identify the piece as a 13th century bronze from Kerala. The sculpture is complete, early and has a fine natural patina.

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25-26 APRIL 2012

$6,000 - 8,000

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From the collection of a knowledgeable and prestigious collector of the early 1900s


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