Lot 72

Hand embroidery with cotton thread on cotton fabric, satin in centre and edging
64.75 x 152.5 in (165 x 388 cm)

The present lot is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional tuskiz, or tent hanging, which depicts the Soviet Empire of the 1950s. It was probably made as a propaganda tool to hang in a government hall for important events or political rallies in Kyrgyzstan. It may even have hung in a local tribal leader's tent to demonstrate his allegiance to the Soviet Union.

Embroidered on a black ground, the overall shape and composition of the present lot follows that seen in most tent hangings of this type. In the centre is the state emblem of the Soviet Union, which was adopted in 1923 and used till the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. It features the hammer and sickle and the red star over a globe below which is the rising sun. Two wreaths on either side bear seven ribbons each, with one in the centre, representing each of the 15 Republics. Surrounding this are roundels, each representing the emblem of one of the constituent republics of the USSR. While each Republic generally has its own emblem, they all feature the hammer and sickle, red star and rising sun. In addition to these repetitive motifs, emblems of many of the republics also include features that are characteristic of their local landscape, economy or culture. Almost all of them depict symbols of socialism and progress in the Soviet Union: industry, cotton buds, and power towers amongst others. Versions of each Republic's flag are visible above the roundels, to the left or right.

Surrounding the roundels are six-petalled flowers flanked by leaves with scrolls around the edges, patterns typical of Kyrgyz embroidery. A solitary horse is embroidered in the upper left corner, referring to the nomadic life of the Kyrgyz. In the same corner, a lone dove can be seen as if caught in mid-flight, possibly signifying peace among the republics of the Soviet Union.

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19-20 OCTOBER 2016

Rs 3,00,000 - 4,00,000
$4,550 - 6,065



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