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Early 19th Century

Kangra School

9 x 7 in (22.9 x 17.8 cm)

The artists of the Kangra valley often chose attractive subjects. The picturesque valley and the foliage of the region were also often captured by the artists in their works. The region was ruled by the Katoch family and the tradition of painting developed in this state from the mid 18th century onwards.

This painting from the hills shows Shiva with his entire family seated on Mount Kailas. The snow-capped mountain can be seen in the upper portion of the painting. A patch of green grass painted using very fine lines serves as the abode for the family. Shiva is shown next to his consort Parvathy. A tiger skin serves as their blanket. Parvathy, dressed in yellow and red, offers a bowl of food to her spouse. Quite interestingly the couple also wears caps made of tiger skin. On the left hand side sits little Ganesha in his red-hued form. The right side is occupied by his brother the six-headed Kartikeya. Several utensils are seen in front of the family. Ganesha's mount, Mooshika, appears to be taking a nap at a distance. At the bottom of the painting the artist has once again shown snow-capped mountains. The painting has a lot of fine detail like the small birds perched on the trees and the figure's ornate and detailed jewelry. Shiva's facial features are very finely painted and the expression is superb. This was a popular subject among painters of the hills.

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28-29 NOVEMBER 2012

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