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Late 18th Century


9.5 x 5.5 in (24.1 x 14 cm)

Bikaner state was founded by Bikaji, the second son of the then Maharaja of Jodhpur, who wished to proclaim his independence from his father. From the late 16th century onwards the state had strong ties with the Mughals, a factor that also influenced the style of painting in this court. Under Aurangzeb, the patronage of art declined at the Mughal court. The Maharajas of Bikaner, who were great art lovers, seized the opportunity. They brought in the finest Mughal painters to their court and revolutionized their own school. This influence continued right up to the early 1700s. After this period the Bikaner atelier developed a purer Indian style that was more in tune with the Rajasthani courts.

This charming painting shows Shreenathji standing in the centre in all his glory. He is shown fully clad indicating winter attire. His upper body is covered with a long sleeved garment. His jama is long and of multiple colours. A long floral garland flows down to his feet. He stands on a lotus flower and has attendants on either side. Their facial features are finely painted. The architecture behind has detailed designs. At the bottom of the painting one can see two cows standing in obedience. A pair of calves taking shelter between their legs can be seen jumping in excitement. The lavish use of gold, fine details in the crown, interesting floral motifs in the architecture and a soothing colour palette make this a pleasant painting.

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28-29 NOVEMBER 2012

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