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A Spoon    

17th Century

Northern Kerala

Length: 20 in (50.8 cm)

This is an unusual and large bronze spoon with a deep receptacle and long handle.

The end towards the receptacle shows a seated Devi with Ganesha to her left. The 'Shankha' and 'Chakra', attributes of Lord Vishnu, can be seen on either side. There are two tiny Shiva lingas on both sides near the feet of the Devi. There would have been another seated figure, whose feet can be seen, at the tapering end of the handle. There are certain inscriptions and symbols seen on the outer body of the cup, like a Sudarshan chakra, shankha, the moon, the sun, a bird etc. The large handle shows agricultural implements within equally divided spaces, separated by what look like sheaves of corn, also seen along the upper edge of the spoon handle. Interesting objects that can be identified are a hoe, a wheel, a ladle, a ladder, a sickle, an anvil, a fish and an elephant.

This object belonged to a cult and would have probably been used for religious rituals during festivals. The symbols indicate a close link with agricultural harvests. There is a ring under the handle by which the spoon would have been hung.

This tribal artefact is exceptionally large in size and offers an interesting insight into cult traditions in ancient India.

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25-26 APRIL 2012

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