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Circa 1920s
Madder - Indigo Blue natural / vegetable dye
Approx. 8ft 4in x 4ft 6in (254 x 137.2 cms)

Set in a vibrant red field this overall design carpet from Kashgar depicts the freedom available to a tribal weaver. The field comprises of ten rows of six botehs, he weaver has alternated the direction in which the botehs are placed in each row, making it rythmic. The coloring of the botehs is not rigid and incorporates many colors.
The beauty of this carpet lies in the fact that the weaver though following a set pattern is not bound by the rigidity of either the color palatte. This is a hallmark of the tribal weavers, done from memory rather than a planned format.Kashgar is a region in East Turkestan in Central Asia and is known for the carpets with geometric patterns.

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14-15 MARCH 2012

$5,615 - 7,145
Rs 2,75,000 - 3,50,000



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