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Designed as three gently graduated strands of tumbled spinel beads alternating with natural pearls; with two similarly-designed jadau terminals lined with seed pearls.

Spinel: 307.59 carats approximately
Pearl: 75 carats
Gross weight: 94 grams

Bearing a close resemblance to rubies and sapphires, the red spinel is a variety of the mineral spinel native to Central and Southeast Asia which has famously appeared in the treasuries of the Sultans and Shahs of Central Asia, Mughal rulers and Maharajas of India, as well as Spanish and English monarchs.

"As one of the few large, transparent red stones, red spinel's impressive size was preserved simply by polishing its surface to bring out its true colour. In that baroque form it was used in Indian jewelry and mounted on objects." (Oppi Untracht, "Balas Ruby: Red Spinel," Traditional Jewelry of India, London: Thames and Hudson Ltd, 1997, p. 324)

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27-28 OCTOBER 2021

$14,865 - 20,275
Rs 11,00,000 - 15,00,000



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