Lot 19

Centring a rectangular step-cut emerald with full-cut diamond set surround with a similarly set band, mounted in 18K gold.

Emerald: 7.28 carats
Diamond: 0.67 carats
Gross weight: 7.10 grams
Ring size: American 7, English O

With report number 14097152 dated 16 September 2014 from Gubelin Gem Labs, stating that emerald weighing 7.28 carats is originating from Colombia with minor clarity enhancement.


The emerald has been one of the most prized and coveted gemstones for centuries. Often referred to as the 'Jewel of Kings', this brilliant-green variety of the mineral beryl was desired and admired by rulers and royals throughout history.

Emeralds have been traded and sold across the globe since their discovery. In India, emeralds hold an important place in history, gemmology, and even religion and mythology. Some of the earliest references to the stone can be found in the ancient Hindu Puranas as well as the sacred texts of Islam and Buddhism.

The Spanish conquests of South America during the late 15th century led to the discovery of one of the most important sites of emerald mining: Colombia. Even today, Colombia continues to be one of the major centres of emerald mining and trading with many of history's iconic emerald pieces being sourced from the country. The Colombian emeralds reveal a warmer, more pure shade of green that is starkly different to other varieties of the gem, making it a coveted stone by royals, socialites, and historic personalities alike.

Some of the rarest variations of these Colombian emeralds possess an optical effect known as gota de aceite, which translates to 'drop of oil' in Spanish. The term is used to describe an uncommon phenomenon that gives emeralds an appearance that resembles oil or honey, as demonstrated in lot 19. In recent studies, "gemologists classify gota de aceite as either "muted," "moderate," or "distinct." To be considered "distinct," the effect should be clearly visible to the naked eye as the stone is rocked back and forth. It is important to move the stone to reveal the liquid-like softening of the texture that is the hallmark of gota de aceite." (Ronald Ringsrud, "Gota de Aceite: Nomenclature for the Finest Colombian Emeralds," Gems & Gemology, Los Angeles: Gemological Institute of America, 2008, p. 245)

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27-28 OCTOBER 2021

Rs 28,00,000 - 32,00,000
$37,840 - 43,245


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