Lot 22

Of a peacock design, each earring centring on a cluster of rose-cut diamonds to resemble a peacock's body and four concentric rows of baguette diamonds with a circular rose at the centre resembling the preening feathers of a peacock, mounted in white gold. Stamped '750'.

Diamond rose-cut: 3.59 carats
Diamond: 6.98 carats
Gross weight: 22.86 grams

Contemporary designers continue to be inspired by timeless motifs found in nature, such as floral patterns and flower heads (lots 23 and 24), as well as peacocks - a favourite in Indian jewellery design. The versatile peacock, also the national bird of India, is often recognisable by its glorious plumage (lot 22), and is adapted not only as a form but also included in enamelled and engraved designs.

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  Lot 22 of 174  

15-16 OCTOBER 2019

$7,860 - 10,715
Rs 5,50,000 - 7,50,000

Winning Bid
Rs 5,52,230
(Inclusive of Buyer's Premium)


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