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25-26 APRIL 2012



A Folio from the Bhakti Ratnavali Series

Ro Patra 157

c. 1760

Mewar School, Rajasthan

Size: 10.5 x 16.5 in (26.7 x 41.9 cm)
This brilliant yet serene painting shows Yudhisthira, the eldest son of king Pandu of the Pandava clan, seated before Vidhura, a scholar and advisor, who holds prayer beads. They are to the left top, shown seated on a white prayer-rug, imparting words of wisdom on meditation. Vidhura tells Yudhisthira: "He who sits alone and worships the Lord only knows what is a good deed and what is Dharma."

Below them a figure is shown seated on a rug with prayer beads in his hand. He is deeply engrossed in meditation. Blue-hued Lord Vishnu is seated on a white rug, wearing a yellow dhoti. He is crowned and he holds his attributes - the 'shankha', ' chakra', ' gada' and ' padma' - in his four hands. An entity seated on a white rug as well as Yudhishthira who appears again at the lower right corner, are seen giving alms to young boys.

Except Yudhishthira, who is in fine clothing, wearing headgear, all the other figures are bare-bodied, wearing dhotis with their hair tied up behind their head. The artist has provided a rich green background to this painting, with flowers strewn around.

Paintings from this Mewar series are vibrant and striking. The horizontal format, the widely spaced figures, plain background, fine outlining and mint condition make this a fine work.

Other examples from this famous series are in the collection of the National Museum, New Delhi, as well as the Sarabhai Collection.

Bhakti Ratnavali Folio

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