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25-26 APRIL 2012



A Group of Ascetics

Mid 18th Century

Provincial Mughal School

Size: 9 x 6.5 in (22.9 x 16.5 cm)
This charming painting shows two groups of ascetics seated outside a hermitage under the shade of a tree.

This serene painting of the provincial Mughal School portrays six ascetics. They certainly belong to two different groups as seen from the colour and style of their dress. The ones clad in orange gowns quite obviously reside in the place where they are seated. It is evident from the small abode under the tree and the relaxed manner in which one of them is smoking a 'hukka', seated on a mat. Two others of his group sit next to him, as another in the foreground sings. The three ascetics seated opposite them are visitors. They are dressed in long gowns of a different colour and are seen playing musical instruments and singing. One of them is holding a stringed instrument and another plays the 'dholak'. There is a bird in a cage and plenty of food and fruits kept in blue and white coloured porcelain, between them.

It is evident from the setting that the group is singing in praise of the lord.

This work has great detailing that deserves close attention. The hermitage not only has a serene environment to suit the purpose but also a very picturesque setting. The tree above the group is a mango tree. It has lush foliage, with each leaf painted individually, and is full of fruits. The fruits are shown in several stages of ripening. Some are ripe, some semi-ripe and some others are green. A little bird rests on a branch. The expansive water body adds to the serenity. A boat carrying a boatman and three passengers can be seen approaching the banks. In the far horizon the architecture of a building, swaying palms and a group of elephants can be seen. The water body in the foreground shows blooming lotus flowers and ducks swimming lazily. A pair of cranes at the bottom look upwards towards the gathering. The painting has a lovely brown border with gold flowers and foliage.

After the mutiny of 1857, Delhi ceased to be a center for painting, and from this point on, paintings began to be produced in provincial capitals like Murshidabad, Lucknow and Bengal. These are identified as Provincial Mughal School paintings. This is a fine example from the Provincial Mughal School with great detailing and a soothing colour palette.

Group of Ascetics

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