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Darogha Abbas Alli
The Beauties of Lucknow

Darogha Ubbas Alli, The Beauties of Lucknow: The Beauties of Lucknow; consisting of twenty-four selected photographed portraits, cabinet size, of the most celebrated and popular living histrionic singers, dancing girls, and actresses of the Oudh Court and of Lucknow, as per list, with a short explanatory introduction. The whole comprising a valuable album, Calcutta: Calcutta Central Press Co. limited, 1874

4 [text]; 24 selected sepia albumen print photographed portraits, cabinet size, including plate 9 of Omrao Jaan; original red cloth-bound with gilt text on spine and front cover
25.5 x 18.5 x 2 cm

1. Feerozah (Singer and Dancer) / 2. Gohar (Singer and Dancer) / 3. Mushtri (Singer and Dancer) / 4. Zorah (Singer and Dancer) / 5. Wazeer (Singer and Dancer) / 6. Ameer (Singer and Dancer) / 7. Husso Jan (Singer and Dancer) / 8. Ameer Jan - Biba Wali (Singer and Dancer) / 9. Nuzeer of Chundurbhga (Singer and Dancer) / 10. Pearee (Singer and Dancer) / 11. Oomrao Jan of Joogna (Singer and Dancer) / 12. Abadi (Singer and Dancer) / 13. Hoosainee (Singer and Dancer) / 14. Juddun (Singer and Dancer) / 15. Soondar (Singer and Dancer) / 16. Lal Pari (Of the Indur Subha) / 17. Pukraj Pari (Of the Indur Subha)/ 18. Subuz Pari - Yani Jogan (Of the Indur Subha)/ 19. Rajah Indur (Main Deo, with giants) (Of the Indur Subha)/ 20. Abbassee Domnee (Singer and Dancer) / 21. Begum Jan - Sakhun (Singer and Dancer) / 22. Ladlee (Singer and Dancer) / 23. Gummoo Jan (Singer and Dancer) / 24. Hyder Jan (Singer and Dancer)

“I have been particularly requested by the nobility and gentry of Oudh, as well as by many distinguished ladies and gentlemen, now in Europe, to prepare a series of photographs of the dancing girls, singers, and actresses who may be termed the celebrities of Lucknow on account of their beauty or talent.

In compliance with this request I have carefully selected twenty-four of the most popular, some of which will, in all probability, be recognised by former visitors to the court of His Majesty King Wajid Ali, when that monarch occupied the throne, and made Lucknow immemorable for the Oriental magnificence of the entertainments which he so frequently gave to both the European and Native communities.

It should be needless for me to state that many of these photographs could not be taken without considerable difficulty on account of caste prejudices, but I succeeded in overcoming those prejudices, and am now in a position to place the collection before my respected patrons and the general public in the form of an album which will, I feel convinced, give many people a very different opinion of "Oriental beauties" to what they have hitherto entertained from the stories told by Indian travellers or from the tales recounted in the Arabian Nights”. (Preface)


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