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William Henry Florio Hutchisson
Sixteen Sketches Illustrative of the Siege and Capture of Bhurtpore

William Henry Florio Hutchisson, Sixteen Sketches Illustrative of the Siege and Capture of Bhurtpore, Calcutta: Asiatic Press, 1826

Loose lithograph title page and 16 lithographed plates of 31.5 x 41.5 cm (each) on India-proof paper pasted on paper; On each plate to the left “Asiatic Lith Press” and to the right “Hutchisson Designed on Stone” with the heading “Bhurtpore”; enclosed in customised blue cloth oblong folio of Robert & Maria Travis, measuring 35 x 47 x 1.5 cm

1. The charge - Doorjun Saul’s body guard endeavouring to cut their way through the 8th Cavalry / 2. The taking of Doorjun Saul by Lieutenant Barbor 8th N Cavalry / 3. The Breach – The Death of Captain Pitman whilst gallantly leading on H.M.59th into the breach / 4. The entrance of H.M.59th into the Breach / 5. Major G. Hunter 41st N.I. forcing the Gate in which was severely wounded by a sabre cut / 6. Desperate conflict – The Jauts fought when prostrate, refusing quarter / 7. The Skirmish – Skinner’s horse engaged / 8. Major Kelly and Captain Dawkins nearly cut off by a party of the Enemy’s Cavalry / 9. The Golundaze defending their guns / 10. The Pursuit / 11. The Recognoisance – His Excellency the Commander in Chief and Staff viewing the Fort / 12. The Mine – Brigr McCoombe severely wounded by an explosion / 13. Doorjun Saul and family taken prisoners to the camp / 14. His Excellency the Commander in Chief and Sir C.T.Metcalfe Bt reinstating the young Rajah / 15. The night after the storm / 16. Blowing up the works after the siege

The storming of the formidable fortress of Bhurtpore (now Bharatpur) took place during the Jat War in what is now Rajasthan. Between December 1825 and January 1826, British troops under General Lord Combermere besieged the Jats' capital. The campaign continued until 18 January 1826 when artillery fire and the detonation of several mines opened a breach in the fortress which was then stormed and captured.

The Asiatic Lithographic Press was one of the first lithographic establishments in India.

From the Collection of Robert and Maria Travis (bookplate)
Lot 163, Sotheby’s, The Library of Robert & Maria Travis: A Pictorial Record of India and the Far East, 2007
Acquired from the above
Important Private Collection, New Delhi


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