EXHIBITION - Select Indian Antiquities & Collectibles (Apr 18-30, 2013) :

The Collectibles Antiques (India) Private Limited Exhibition of Select Indian Antiquities and Collectibles will take place online starting Thursday, April 18, 2013, 8:00 p.m. (India Time) onwards until Tuesday, April 30, 2013. This exhibition offers collectors curated catalogues of select, lots of Indian Heritage.


The exhibition features 24 works and can be viewed on

Please check the Sale Guide for further information on exhibition dates.

All lots for sale are featured in this online exhibition catalogue. The number listed next to each image is the lot number and should be used as a reference during buying or for any information requests. The lots in this sale may be viewed through any of the following:

• The Exhibition Preview and Viewings
Please see the Sale Guide for more information on the previews and viewings
• The Online Exhibition Catalogue
All lots are featured on the website. You may search for lots by lot number and price range.
• The Mobile Exhibition Catalogue
Saffronart has developed a downloadable software application for bidding on mobile devices, which will include abbreviated information on each lot

Please see the Sale Guide for more information about the exhibition.

Condition of Lots

Subject to transfer of ownership along with registration of Antiquities in accordance with the provisions of the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972 and rules made thereunder, all lots of Antiquities will be shipped out in an 'as is' condition meaning that the item is sold with all existing faults and imperfections.

Completing the purchase

Once you purchase a lot, you may review acceptable modes of payment. Please note that purchases will not be shipped out until payment has been received and cleared and all other documentation has been received, completed, signed and registered as per applicable law.


Buyers are required to provide all invoicing details to Collectibles Antiques prior to the sale at the time of the purchase as no invoices will be changed after the sale and the buyer as registered with Collectibles Antiques will be invoiced. The buyer will be invoiced based on details provided at the time of the purchase which have to be and will be a valid invoicing address within the territory of India. The invoicing details of all Buyers should mandatorily specify an address within the territory of India where the shipment of the Antiquity has to be delivered. After the sale, the Buyer as invoiced is required to pay the amounts in full (including the additional charges) in INR, the lawful currency of India and in no other currency. No shipment or delivery will be made if this amount is not received along with proper documentation, duly completed, signed and registered as per applicable law. No payments will be accepted from any other parties other than the Buyer mentioned on the invoices.

Shipping and Insurance

Price estimates do not include any packing, insurance, shipping or handling charges, all of which will be borne by the buyer. Shipping will be charged on courier rates and are determined by the value and destination of the package. 

Duties & Taxes

All duties and taxes as applicable, being VAT and/or service tax, shall be borne by the buyer and payable in accordance with applicable laws. An approximation of applicable charges for each lot and buyer destination may be viewed online.

Please note that all lots in the exhibition will be shipped to the buyer from Mumbai.


Any sale of lots originating from Collectibles Antiques to an address in India is subject to a 12.5% VAT on the winning bid value and a 12.36% Service Tax on the buyer's premium. A CST of 2% instead of the 12.5% VAT will be applicable on the winning bid value only if the purchasing entity is a registered dealer under such businesses, the delivery location of the lot is outside the state of Maharashtra, and the buyer provides the necessary documentation required by the Sales Tax authorities. The Service Tax on the buyers' premium will still apply at 12.36%.


Buyers will be required to complete payment within a period of 7 business days from the receipt of the invoice via email.

Payments may be made in INR only.

Cheque/Demand Draft to be made in favour of:

Collectibles Antiques (India) Private Limited Payable at: Mumbai

Please send the draft/check to the address below:

Collectibles Antiques (India) Private Limited

Industry Manor, 3rd Floor
Mumbai 400 025

Wire Transfer:

Details available upon request.

Delivery/Collection of Purchases

Purchases are typically shipped within 90 days from the date of the receipt of the full payment (as described in Clause 2.15 of Conditions of Sales) and of the transfer papers duly signed by the Buyer. Purchases are insured under the terms of Collectibles Antiques insurance policy. However, the transfer/ delivery of ownership along with registration is a regulatory process administered by the Archaeological Survey of India and may take longer than the envisaged period of 90 days. If there is an expected delay in dispatch, the buyer will be informed of the delay via email, unless the buyer has indicated an alternative preferred mode of communication. If the Buyer wants to appoint a logistics agent (on their behalf) for shipment then the documentation supporting the shipment will be generated by are typically shipped. Collectible Antiques shall not be responsible for any damage to the Antiquity in case of shipment being handled by the Buyer himself. If the documentation is not completed to the specified requirements then the Buyer will be liable for any duties or taxes that might be levied by the authorities on the transaction.

Buyers may choose to collect their purchases from the Collectibles Antiques office in Mumbai. In such cases, buyers are requested to make an appointment to collect purchases within 90 business days of completion of all payments and documentation formalities.

Storage and Demurrage

The Buyer shall ensure that all payment formalities are completed within seven business days of the receipt of the invoice. In case payment is not received within such period, this shall be treated as a breach of contract and Collectible Antiques may take any steps (including the institution of legal proceedings), which appear to Collectibles Antiques to be appropriate to enforce payment by the Buyer. The Buyer will also be charged demurrage @ 1% per month on the value of the lots.

Pursuant to the ownership along with registration of the Antiquity being transferred from Collectibles Antiques to the Buyer in accordance with the provisions of the Antiquities Act and Rules, if the Buyer informs Collectibles Antiques that he wishes to collect the Antiquity from Collectibles Antiques in person and such Antiquity is not collected by the Buyer within 30 days of the registration formalities being completed, Collectibles Antiques shall arrange for storage of the Antiquity at the Buyer's expense, and shall only release the Antiquity after payment has been made, in full, of the demurrage @ 1% of the total value (sum of Winning Bid and Buyer's Premium) per month (if applicable) and the charges for storage of the Antiquity, if any.

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