14th March, 2008

Shah Rukh Khan sold for Rs 20,97,600.
An art work by a Pakistani artist Rashid Rana that portrays Shah Rukh Khan was sold for Rs 20,97,600 at the recently held saffron art auction.

The work was estimated at Rs 6 lac in the auction's catalogue but it fetched an amount three times more than its estimate. This work is composed by using hundreds of pictures of common people with visible cracks.

Rana forces a shift in perspective from the macro to the micro, the global to the local. The top five lots of this sale were Surendran Nair's Doctrine of the Forest: An Actor at Play (Cuckoonebulopolis) which was sold for Rs 2.12 crores, Subodh Gupta's untitled work went for Rs 1.81 crores.

Subodh Gupta's Let Me Make My Damn Art for Rs. 1.66 crores and Jagannath Panda's untitled work was sold for Rs 1.34 crores and Shibu Natesan's Each One Teach One earned Rs 1.06 crores.

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