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Modern Indian Art. 13-16 May 2001

Ram Kumar


Acrylic on paper

11 x 14.5 in

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Indian Contemporary Art. 16-22 March 2001

Ram Kumar


Acrylic on paper

22 x 30 in

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Indian Contemporary Art. 16-22 March 2001

Ram Kumar


Acrylic on paper

23 x 18 in

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  Profile of Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar like many of his confreres among the first generation of post-colonial Indian artists - including such figures as F N Souza M F Husain ... With Ram Kumar this quest for an indigenist tenor has not meant a superficial inventory of ‘native’ motifs offered as evidence of a static and essentialist

  Interview of Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar talks to Rini Shah about his art Q. What is the single most concern or issue that is reflected in your work? The terrible human conditions have influenced me the most. There is an irony I see in the situation around me. There is a sense of alienation and that too

  Biography of Ram Kumar

‘Pages From a Sketch Book’ Pundole Art Gallery Mumbai 1996 ‘Ram Kumar – A Journey Within’ Vadehra Art Gallery New Delhi 1993 Vadehra Art Gallery ...Center New Delhi 1964 Gallery Chemould Mumbai 1963 Kunika Art Center New Delhi 1960 Wax and Ink on paper after first visit to Benaras Kumar

  Profile of Prodosh Dasgupta

including those of artists M.F. Husain F.N. Souza Tyeb Mehta Ram Kumar and A. Ramachandran. In 2008 the NGMA hosted a major retrospective of his works 17 Mumbai through the 1970s. Posthumous exhibitions of his work include those held at Kumar Gallery New Delhi in 2007 and the show 'Works of a Lifetime

  Profile of Bal Chhabda

Ebrahim Alkazi and artist Tyeb Mehta S H Raza Krishen Khanna Ram Kumar V S Gaitonde used to assemble. Husain and Gaitonde urged him to paint. Since ... To Revive the memories of the glory days Chhabda brought together Padamsee Krishen Khanna Husain Tyeb Mehta Raza Gaitonde and Ram Kumar associated

  Profile of GR Iranna

New Delhi and the Delhi College of Art in 1993. In the same year he won the MF Husain and Ram Kumar selection award at 'In Search of Talent' by Vadhera

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  Auction 2004 (May)> Artwork Details > Varanasi II by Ram Kumar

In 1960 Ram Kumar visited Varanasi for the first time. The physical structures as well as the spiritual resonances of the holy city made an intense ...and profound which left an everlasting impression on my artistic sensibility." (p. 89 As told to G. Gill Ram Kumar A Journey Within Vadehra Art Gallery

  Auction 2003 (December)> Artwork Details > Untitled by Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar`s recent works are no longer evocations of any single recognizable terrain. Yet his paintings are not abstract compositions. Ram Kumar`s another uncovering the hidden relations." (p. 27 Nirmal Verma "From Solitude to Salvation" Ram Kumar A Journey Within ed. Gagan Gill Vadehra Art Gallery

  Auction 2003 (May)> Artwork Details > Untitled by Ram Kumar

"Ram Kumar`s landscapes are orchestrated as a dynamic equilibrium of floating planes triggered weights and directional vectors. We respond ...Art Gallery exhibition catalogue 2002) This work of Ram Kumar is towards the basic The forms are flat planes overlapping and painted in earthy

  Summer Online Auction> Artwork Details > Untitled by Ram Kumar

One of Ram Kumar’s large conceptual landscapes the present lot reflects the artist’s prioritizing of form and structure over content and narrative....of painting itself. I have grown detached – I want to find the same peace that the mystics found…” (as quoted in “Landscapes of the Mind” Ram Kumar

  Spring Auction 2005> Artwork Details > Untitled by Ram Kumar

Ram kumar's abstractions establish a balance between the whole landscape and the individual overlapping planes that comprise it adding dynamism to expanses that stretch beyond the canvas. 'The key to the picture is its solution to the problem of representing movement Ram kumar neither suggests

  Auction 2003 (December)> Artwork Details > Untitled by Ram Kumar

"Ram Kumar addressed himself to the formal aberrations of mismatched planes jamming the horizontal perspective against top views inspired by site-..."Parts of a World" Ram Kumar Saffron Art and Pundole Art Gallery Exhibition Catalogue 2002

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  About Us - Saffronart in the News - Article - SaffronArt

Ram Kumar show stopping at New York till end of July By JYOTIRMOY DATTA Recent works of 'intellectual' artist at IndoCenter At last the show of recent works by Ram Kumar, presented by Saffronart and The Pundole Art Gallery,

  About Us - Saffronart in the News - Article - SaffronArt

The heart of Varanasi on Canvas.... Ram Kumar's painting continues to be unpeopled....Kumar's works in New Delhi... One may wonder what Pandit Channulal Mishra, a master of the Purabi ang of vocal music, and the artist Ram Kumar

  News & Articles - Article - SaffronArt

AND FEATURES An exhibition of artist Ram Kumar's Works An exhibition of Ram Kumar's recent works ...'Reflections on the Art of Ram Kumar' for a show of woks by the artist in 2002 co-hosted by Saffronart and Pundole Art Gallery, mentions: In charting

  About Us - Saffronart in the News - Article - SaffronArt

appropriate to recall the words of Husain saab while gazing at Ram Kumar's latest oeuvre that went to San Francisco and is now at the indo center at New York....of the tale of a life lived in acceptance of destiny. Years ago, when he had an unforgettable show at Vadheras in Delhi, Ram Kumar had said, "Benares is a city

  About Us - Saffronart in the News - Article - SaffronArt

by several leading modernists, including F.N. Souza, S.H. Raza, M.F. Husain, Akbar Padamsee and Ram Kumar, as well as leading contemporary artists - like Shibu Natesan, Surendran Nair, G.R. Iranna and Baiju Parthan. Of particular note in the sale are the rare early works by Ram Kumar, M.F. Husain's

  About Us - Saffronart in the News - Article - SaffronArt

of stylistic and historical significance, those worth special noticing were the rare early architectural work by Ram Kumar, Husain's Ardhnareshwar,...interest. Amongst the works seen here were those of several leading modern artists such as F N Souza, S H Raza, M F Husain, Tyeb Mehta and Ram

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