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No Reserve Auction of Modern and Contemporary Art 11-12 March 2020

Krishen Khanna


Oil on canvas

14.5 x 10.5 in

Rs 5,00,000- 7,00,000

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  Profile of Krishen Khanna

but an incomprehensible mess." These are the words Krishen Khanna uses to describe his art. Khanna does not favour the profusion of figuration common in Indian paintings. Khanna transfers his observations onto the canvas with spontaneity and exuberance without obliterating his subject matter.

  Interview of Krishen Khanna

Even when he draws out Chaplinesque dualities and outlines pathos painting for Krishen Khanna remains an experience of Annanda or complete bliss. By Surendra Kumar Seth What do you think have been the influences on you? I don’t believe that there are any major influences

  Biography of Krishen Khanna

Restaurant Mumbai 1949 Progressive Artist Group Artists Aid Centre Joint Exhibitions 1985 Ram Kumar and Krishen Khanna Gallery 7 Mumbai

  Profile of Bal Chhabda

Ebrahim Alkazi and artist Tyeb Mehta S H Raza Krishen Khanna Ram Kumar V S Gaitonde used to assemble. Husain and Gaitonde urged him to paint. Since ...the work of many young artists like Krishen Khanna M.F. Husain and Tyeb Mehta who are part of the national mainstream today. Chhabda is one

  Profile of Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar like many of his confreres among the first generation of post-colonial Indian artists - including such figures as F N Souza M F Husain Paritosh Sen Jehangir Sabavala Krishen Khanna S H Raza and Akbar Padamsee - combined an internationalist desire with the need to belong emphatically

  Biography of Satish Gujral

‘Winter Modern’s’ Aicon New York 1960 Group Show with six other Artists M.F. Husain Mohan Samant V. S. Gaitonde Ram Kumar K.S. Kulkarni Krishen Khanna

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  Summer Auction 2008> Artwork Details > In Search of an Ancestor by Krishen Khanna

Born in 1925 in Lahore Krishen Khanna worked as a banker after returning from his schooling in England. Khanna only turned to painting following ...with unpredictable regularity. Krishen Khanna has tended to engage with his subjects as if in an extended and somewhat unstructured conversation between old

  Auction May 2006> Artwork Details > Doubting Thomas and Jesus by Krishen Khanna

This moment where doubt ends and belief begins in the resurrection of Christ for Thomas the Apostle is depicted literally by Krishen Khanna ...of God but the persecuted figure within an oppressive system.” (Gayatri Sinha Krishen Khanna The Embrace of Love Mapin Publishing 2005 p.171820

  Auction May 2006> Artwork Details > Untitled by Krishen Khanna

From the mid 1960’s Krishen Khanna developed an image of the Pieta that he was to revisit throughout his career. The variations in styles ...protests the persecution of her exhausted son.” (Gayatri Sinha Krishen Khanna The Embrace of Love Mapin Publishing Pvt Ltd 2005 p.25 30

  Auction 2003 (May)> Artwork Details > Problems of Bandwallas by Krishen Khanna

"Krishen Khanna has long been preoccupied with the theme of labour and its relationship to grace and oppression he has graphed it across musicians and saints but also across such proletarian or disenfranchised individuals as highway truckers soldiers political agitators and bandwallahs." (Ranjit

  Summer Auction 2007> Artwork Details > A Season of Watermelons by Krishen Khanna

Originally a banker from Lahore Krishen Khanna only turned to painting after he came into contact with the Progressive Artists` Group in Bombay ...of renewed interest that recur with unpredictable regularity. Krishen Khanna has tended to engage with his subjects as if in an extended and somewhat

  Summer Online Auction> Artwork Details > Rear View by Krishen Khanna

Actively engaging with urban India several of Krishen Khanna’s canvases explore the lives of subaltern subjects marginalized in the bustle of daily city life. In his Truck series of paintings to which the present lot belongs “…he depicts the hard life of rural migrant labourers who form

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  News & Articles - Article - SaffronArt

AND FEATURES Getting in a flashback mode Krishen Khanna and Jehangir Sabavala, two doyens ... and then went on to speak about some of the issues related to today's art world. Krishen Khanna recounted that when he took up painting in the early

  About Us - Saffronart in the News - Article - SaffronArt

Souza, Tyeb Mehta, V S Gaitonde, Ram Kumar, Rameshwar Broota, Jogen Chowdhury, Krishen Khanna etc. One will find significant works for high-end

  News & Articles - Article - SaffronArt

AND FEATURES ‘The Savage Heart' by Krishen Khanna Powerful, determined, albeit effortless are the strokes, which burst forth from the pencil of a master. Krishen Khanna knows exactly how to express his mind and heart through deft images on paper. Mumbai-

  About Us - Saffronart in the News - Article - SaffronArt

Krishen Khanna's Draupadi's Last Laugh, which was estimated at Rs 12-15 lakh and sold for Rs 30 lakh. Based on market assessments, this is the highest bid for a Krishen Khanna. In step, Shakti Burman went for Rs 24 lakh, over its estimate of Rs 15-20 lakh, Husain's Cobalt Horse fetched Rs 39 lakh,

  News & Articles - Article - SaffronArt

in the subject of Indian art. Gradually, a pattern emerged. Works by artists like Ram Kumar and Krishen Khanna, Gaitonde and Akbar Padamsee started being ...and abstract art. Fascinated by the artist and his style, Nicholson began collecting many of his works. Gaitonde, Ram Kumar, Krishen Khanna, Husain,

  About Us - Saffronart in the News - Article - SaffronArt

Krishen Khanna's Indianised Last Supper sold for Rs 37 lakh. And, in what Dinesh Vazirani, Saffronart co-owner, calls the biggest surprise of all,

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