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Homage – Contemporary Riverside Villas on the Banks of the Ganges
Neergarh, Uttarakhand

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Available villas include 2 bedroom models (limited availability)

Built up area: 2475 square feet (2 BR)

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For more information call or email us:

Saffronart Mumbai
+91 (0) 22 4333 6200

Saffronart Delhi
+91 (0) 11 2436 9415

Saffronart New York
+1 212 627 5006

Saffronart London
+44 (0) 20 7409 7974

• Please call Saffronart for pricing information about the newly available 3 bedroom villa and 2 bedroom units.
• Photographs and computer-rendered images shown are of a sample villa, which is representative of the materials, fittings, appliances and finish for all villas. Actual layouts will vary depending on the villa type.
• Kitchens are provided without fittings, so residents may customize them to their needs
• All plans and measurements shown are approximate and may not be to scale

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For additional information on any of these properties or to arrange a viewing, call us at the numbers listed here or email properties@saffronart.com. You may also fill out this online form.