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Biography of Supriya Wadgaonkar

Group show in honour of M .F. Husain. Pune. 2004 Group show at 'Art Point & Classic Source' Mumbai. 1991 " Fevicryl" 1st Award

Interview of Buwa Shete

an award at the National Exhibition of Young Painters in Kolkata organized by M. F. Husain. How has your career taken off since then? I participated in the National Exhibition of Young Painters in Kolkata organized by M. F. Husain though I was not very sure how my work would be received. Obviously

Profile of Maqbool Fida Husain

roots and a fearlessly open-minded willingness to absorb diverse influences has made M. F. Husain one of the most recognizable figures ... "All forms of art are born from one's roots" The name Maqbool Fida Husain has become almost synonymous with contemporary Indian art

Biography of Ram Kumar

Pundole’ Joint Exhibition with M. F. Husain V. S. Gaitonde Akbar Padamsee and Krishen Khanna Pundole Art Gallery Mumbai 1988 ‘Three Indian Artists’...Indian Painters in Europe Gallery One London 1958 Graphic exhibition with M. F. Husain Tyeb Mehta and V. S. Gaitonde Mumbai 1952 Delhi Shilpi

Profile of Nandini Goud

and the third at the Guild Art Gallery in 1998. This artist has also participated in a number of group shows including 'Parampara' with M F Husain Shamshad Husain her father Laxma Goud and others at the Curiosity Gallery and the show 'Feminine Muse' at Vishakapatnam with other women artists. Goud’s

Biography of Wasim Kapoor

Exhibition with M F Husain in Kolkata 1982-1983 Exhibition of Four painters in Sweden 1981 Picasso Centenary Exhibition by Calcutta Painters in Kolkata

Biography of Maqbool Fida Husain

Self-taught Selected Solo Exhibitions 2006-07 ‘Epic India Paintings by M. F. Husain’ Herwitz Collection of Contemporary Indian Art Peabody ...‘Husain Hieroglyph’ Pundole Art Gallery Mumbai 2003 ‘M F Husain in Oils’ Pundole Art Gallery Mumbai 2003 ‘Thief of Baghdad’ Pundole Art Gallery

Profile of Bal Chhabda

production. Accidentally he met M F Husain who took him to the Bhulabhai Institute where creative personalities like Pandit Ravi Shankar dramatist ...Art Gallery is one of his rare solo shows. M F Husain played host to his old friend he even designed and drew the lovely black and red invitation

Profile of Anjolie Ela Menon

Amrita Sher-Gil and M. F. Husain. Mainly portraits these paintings "were dominated by flat areas of thick bright colour with sharp outlines

Profile of Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar like many of his confreres among the first generation of post-colonial Indian artists - including such figures as F N Souza M F Husain Paritosh Sen Jehangir Sabavala Krishen Khanna S H Raza and Akbar Padamsee - combined an internationalist desire with the need to belong emphatically

Biography of Dharmendra Rathore

Akademi New Delhi 1993 Ravi Jain Memorial Art Exhibition organized by Dhoomimal Gallery New Delhi. 1992-94 ‘In Search of Talent’ conducted by M F Husain at Vadehra Art Gallery New Delhi. 1991-93 Scholarship from College of Art New Delhi 19989591 All India Award organized by All India Fine

Biography of Krishen Khanna

1954 With M F Husain at All India Fine Arts and Crafts society (AIFACS) New Delhi Participations 2008 'Harvest 2008' organized by Arushi Arts

Interview of Prabhakar M Kolte

guru. He used to tell me stories from Sanskrit literature. Among the contemporary artists I have admired the works of M. F. Husain and V.S. Gaitonde....also fascinates me because he has experimented with so many alien materials like Plaster of Paris in his works. Husain I have always admired for his

Interview of Satish Gujral

in determined by the medium in which it seeks to materialise itself. Q.In the past you have criticised M. F. Husain and his style of work or art. I must admit that Husain is an artist of great talent. Neverthless it is unfortunate that he chose to waste away his talent for publicity. This does

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