Still Life with Domino Box
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Lancelot Ribeiro
Still Life with Domino Box

- - In early '65 there was appositive move to break from these first influences and work toward a more unified and organic style as opposed to the structural and linear aspect??? The work??? represents this organic element in the physiological sense. What I have tried to do is to take a painting and break it down - somewhat like a child's jigsaw puzzle - and then re-construct the whole again embryonic fashion. To do this I needed to discover or evo
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  • Lancelot Ribeiro
  • Still Life with Domino Box
  • Signed and dated in English (upper right)
  • 1964
  • Oil  on  board
  • 17.5 x 23 inĀ (44.4 x 58.4 cm)
    David Buckman, Lancelot Ribeiro, an Artist in India and Europe, Francis Boutle Publishers, London, 2014, this work appears in a press cutting from the Hampstead News, 1965, p.63

    Lancelot Ribeiro, Everyman Gallery, London, 1965
    Lancelot Ribeiro, Paintings: A Retrospective, Leicester Museum and Art Galleries, 1986
  • Category: Painting
    Style: Still Life

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