Green Landscape
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Lancelot Ribeiro
Green Landscape

- - In the early 1960s, Ribeiro painted townscapes over and over again: distinctive images of spires, domes, towers, roofs and geometric blocks outlined in strong black strokes, often with a sun or moon, or even multiple planets overhead. His signature, placed prominently in the sky proclaims his early confidence. Some of these cities are bright and even comical, with oddly angled teetering towers, roofs like hats and windows like eyes. But many ar
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  • Lancelot Ribeiro
  • Green Landscape
  • Signed and dated (upper left)
  • 1965
  • Oil  on  canvas
  • 12 x 19 in (30.5 x 48.3 cm)
    The Grange, Rottingdean, 1973

    This group exhibition was held during the Brighton Festival of 1973, and featured the work of Lancelot Ribeiro, SK Bakre, Balraj Khanna and Viren Sahai
  • Category: Painting
    Style: Landscape
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