Courtship Dance V
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Kirann Telkar
Courtship Dance V

- - Telkar is an artist who is very sensitive to the world around him. He says that it is the way we build our relationships with each other and the society at large which is the progress of mankind, and a way to reach a better understanding of life." I also believe that everywhere in the world the needs of man are the same, and it is only the immediate environment, which change, and alter the appearance of the situations." This forms the framework o
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  • Kirann Telkar
  • Courtship Dance V
  • Signed in English (verso)
  • Acrylic  on  canvas
  • 65.5 x 89.5 inĀ (166.4 x 227.3 cm)
  • Category: Painting
    Style: Still Life
  • Not for Sale