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Late 18th Century

Mewar School, Rajasthan

9.5 x 8.5 in (23.75 x 21.25 cm)

In this work the artist has skillfully used the hilly terrain to compartmentalize the two scenes. The upper scene, set within a closed chamber, shows Radha and Krishna in conversation. The lower frame shows Radha seated with her 'sakhis' or friends. One of the friends raises her mehendi stained hands in animated conversation. Lovely small flowering shrubs add to the beauty of the work.

Rasikapriya Paintings

The Maharanas of Mewar were beyond doubt the most valorous of the Rajasthani rulers. Among the early rulers of the region was the legendary Rana Pratap. While all of Rajasthan had ceded to Mughal dominance, the brave rulers of Mewar lost but later regained most of their territory during Akbar's reign using guerilla tactics.

The first known Mewar paintings were created in Chawand and are popularly known as the Chawand Ragamalas. Under Maharana Jagat Singh I, the artist Sahib gave a new dimension to Mewar painting. He painted famous Ragamala, Bhagwat Purana and Rasikapriya sets.

Written by Keshavdas in 1591, the Rasikapriya classifies heroes and heroines in different stages of maturity and describes their varying reactions to situations. Most of the attention is given to the reactions of heroines in response to situations caused by the actions of the hero. The hero is blue-hued Krishna. Keshavdas composed the Rasikapriya for his patron, the Raja of Orchha. The Rasikapriya thus became a source of inspiration for artists for generations to come.

This set of four paintings is a vibrant example of a Rasikapriya series. The colours, figures and composition are clear indicators of the Mewar School. The works are in good condition and the gold is pristine. Being from this series, the subject of each of the paintings is centered on mischief and romance.

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