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Circa 1940s
Approx. 9ft 8in x 4ft 5in (299.7 x 137.1 cms)

'Palla' means the ends of a draped fabric and in this case the two ends of the shawl and 'Jalli' means a trellis, so literally a shawl that has trellis design on its ends.This taupe base shawl has slender borders but the importance of the shawl is again in its skillful execution, finesse of the stitches and lack ofdistinction between the front and back. It is also important to note that these shawls were almostalways embroidered by men and usually one person worked on one shawl at a time, so as to maintain the consistency of the embroidery.

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27-28 NOVEMBER 2012

Rs 2,00,000 - 3,00,000
$3,775 - 5,665



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