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Early 20th century
Approx. 11ft x 4ft 6in (337.8 x 142.2 cms)
Pashmina wool

This piece is unique because of its unusual color palette, it has green, peaches and grey as opposed to reds and black also the weaver has his signature in the central medallion.
This long wool shawl was hand woven using the special 'kanni' technique, where toothpick likesticks with thread wrapped around them were used to create the pattern. These minute sticks are passed through finely woven Pashmina wool shawls - a process that ispainstakingly long. Sometimes, weavers are barely able to complete a square inch of ashawl in a day's work, which results in a very limited output, making these shawls extremely precious.It is said that some of the 'kanni' shawls that were woven for the royal courts could even take a decade to be completed.

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27-28 NOVEMBER 2012

Rs 5,00,000 - 5,50,000
$9,435 - 10,380



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