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Early 19th Century

Jaipur School

Size: 9 x 5.5 in (22.9 x 14 cm)

This bright and lovely painting of the Jaipur School is based on a Raga or musical notation and depicts a young fair lady, seated in meditation before a Shivalinga, placed on a marble pedestal. Behind the pedestal is a shrine with a crouching lion seated outside it, a symbol of goddess Parvati.

The devotee has her hair tied behind her head. Her complexion is rich and creamy, and there is sandalwood paste on her forehead. Her prayer beads, held within a small pouch are in her right hand. Her palms are henna-dyed. The devotee's upper body is bare. She is richly bejewelled in ornaments of gold and pearls. Her lower vestment is a turmeric coloured sari, worn with neat folds in the front. Dark and heavy clouds hang in the sky, and a placid pond of water, almost touching the shrine, has lotus flowers and ducks swimming in it. There is an air of serenity in this painting coupled with the use of very subdued colours by a Jaipur artist.

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25-26 APRIL 2012

$1,300 - 1,700

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