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Late 17th Century

Aurangabad, Deccan School

Size: 9 x 5.5 in (22.9 x 14.0 cm)

The Deccan School was spread across regions like Bijapur, Golconda, Ahmednagar, Hyderabad and Aurangabad.

This bright and vibrant Deccani painting from Aurangabad is that of a court scene. A Maharaja is seen regally seated on his throne wearing a full-sleeved royal dress, typical of the Mughal style with four pointed ends, made of gold fabric with embroidered flowers and a matching headgear.

The Maharaja has both his hands raised as a symbol of appreciation of the saintly figure seated before him. The saintly figure sits in padmasana on a lotus with a cloth covering his head and flowing down on to his back. A unique aspect of this figure is the frontal depiction of the face. The lotus signifies enlightenment. Above the king two of his queens can be seen at the windows, and behind him, is his attendant, holding a fly-whisk. At the upper right side two well-dressed men sitting on their knees admire and praise the saintly figure. At the bottom of the painting a scene of celebration can be seen. There are four performers, three men and a woman. The men are bare-bodied and wear tight, short dhotis and headgears. One of the men is walking on a tight-rope. A man and a woman play drums as a musical accompaniment to the rope walker. At the bottom left corner is a colourful canopy. Within this canopy a female ascetic approaches a lady from the palace for alms. She can be seen handing over food to the ascetic. Several scrubs, flowers and birds adorn the background of the painting.

The colour tones are very early. The background is mauve and the architecture in the far horizon is orange. The facial features of the figures have distinct 17th century traits, like well defined noses and full faces that have been softly rendered. Paintings such as this one are very distinct in style. This is an early, rare and important work of the Deccan School.

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25-26 APRIL 2012

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