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10.5 in (27 cm) diameter

Property from The Harish Dhillon Collection

Eight figures representing the eight Chinese "Daotists" are depicted on the bowl. Daotists are beings who have attained immortality. The auspicious objects that these figures are holding are illustrated inside the bowl.

(Clockwise) Han Zhongli or Zhongli Quan was a Han Dynasty general. He is shown carrying a feather fan which he uses to revive the dead. The fan is also illustrated at the centre of the bowl. To his right, Han Xiangzi is carrying a flute, and can predict the future and make fruits and flowers grow out of season. He represents youth and is seen as the patron of fortune- tellers. Lan Caihe is a hermaphrodite, and is carrying a basket that maybe filled with fruits or flowers. To the right is Li Tieguai known as "Li with the iron crutch", who is a crippled beggar, carrying a gourd filled with a magic elixir. Next to him is Zhang Guolao, carrying a tubular musical instrument called a yugu. Cao Guojiu is shown carrying castanets or "clappers." Next to Guojiu is He Xiangu, who is the only female in the group. She is typically shown carrying a fly whisk. She is revered for her loyalty and management of domestic affairs. The last of the figures, Lu Dongbin, is recognised for his drinking and fighting abilities. He carries a demon-slaying sword and a fly whisk which he uses to tread on clouds, fly to heaven, and sweep away ignorance.

The bowl is decorated with Lingzhi mushrooms, a motif in Chinese art which is believed to resurrect the dead and grant immortality. The clouds painted on the bowl also resemble the auspicious shape of the Lingzhi mushroom, and represent good luck and good fortune. The recurring pattern of the clouds signifies never ending fortune.

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9-10 AUGUST 2017

$240 - 400
Rs 15,000 - 25,000

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Rs 18,144
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