Lot 16

Handspun and handwoven cotton warp, wool weft, natural dyes
45.25 x 74 in (115 x 188 cm)

Bijar on the edge of Kordestan, in the north west of Iran, was once a flourishing weaving centre known for its elegant carpets and rugs. It was inhabited largely by Kurds and Shahsavans, who at one time were nomadic pastoralists but have now mostly settled. They were known to weave gelims, which is the Persian term for these rugs, though the Turkish term kilim is more popularly used nowadays. Kilims are woven in the tapestry technique, also known as flat-weave. Rugs from Bijar are generally small in size, very compact and durable.

This engaging indigo coloured floor covering conveys a sense of movement. Decorated with three rows of flowering rosettes, connected by a thin black branch, it is surrounded by stylised parrots in flight. The birds appear almost as if they are gliding across the surface of the rug giving the overall piece a rich texture. The narrow red border, contrasts with the blue ground, and has flowers and leaves on a vine. Jasleen Dhamija acquired this rug in Bijar in 1971 from a weaver's family, where it hung on the wall of their house. Extremely rare it is one of her favourite pieces from her collection.

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19-20 OCTOBER 2016

$3,790 - 5,305
Rs 2,50,000 - 3,50,000

Winning Bid
Rs 4,38,600
(Inclusive of Buyer's Premium)


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