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Gouache on paper
Image: 4.75 x 3.75 in (12 x 9.5 cm)
Folio: 5.25 x 4.5 in (13.3 x 11.4 cm)


The Tandan Collection

This portrait could possibly be of Sawant Singh (r. 1748-1757). "Sawant Singh, the seventh ruler of Kishangarh was a poet, painter and patron of painting. He wrote poetry on Krishnaite themes under the pseudonym of Nagaridas... Sawant Singh was a follower of the Vallabhacharya Cult, Pushti Marg." (Randhawa M S and D S, Kishangarh, pp. 10, 14)

The king is seen in profile view with a halo around his head, his features stylised by influences of painting traditions at Nathdwara and Kota from the same period. Seated in devotion, he holds a prayer bag in one hand, and the silverware needed for puja are to his right. He is clad in a white dhoti and a diaphanous upper garment, and a garland hangs around his neck. Although his garb is austere, he wears gem-studded kadas, an armlet, and a necklace of pearls.

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14 DECEMBER 2015

Rs 2,00,000 - 3,00,000
$3,035 - 4,550

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Rs 3,84,000
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