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Inscribed in Nagari and Urdu at the top
Gouache on paper heightened with gold
Image: 4.5 x 6 in (11.4 x 15.2 cm)
Folio: 6 x 7.5 in (15.2 x 19 cm)


The Tandan Collection

Gajendra Moksha, or "The Liberation of Gajendra", is a legend from the Bhagvat Purana that narrates how Lord Vishnu saves an elephant from the clutches of the crocodile. Gajendra, who is the leader of a herd of elephants, enters a pond to quench his thirst, where a crocodile sinks its sharp teeth into one of his forelegs. Gajendra struggles to free himself, but neither he nor any of the elephants can help free him. On the brink of defeat, Gajendra calls out to Lord Vishnu to save him. Lord Vishnu, moved by Gajendra's humility and devotion, slays the crocodile and frees the elephant.

This story has many variations, and Lord Vishnu is usually portrayed as being seated on Garuda, his vahana, when he appears before Gajendra. This miniature portrays the scene that follows his slaying of the crocodile: Gajendra pays obeisance by holding a lotus over Lord Vishnu, while Garuda takes the form of a human, albeit with an eagle head, with his hands folded in prayer. The crocodile lies lifeless in the water.

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14 DECEMBER 2015

Rs 2,50,000 - 3,50,000
$3,790 - 5,305

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Rs 6,60,000
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